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Ballroom Dancing Lessons

"Marlow's philosophy is that people should dance for the fun of it". We have to learn how to dance to help us become more graceful, have better balance, and improve our memory.

Ballroom dancing lessons.

Many of my students never wanted to dance until they tried it. No routines or mechanical self conscious "steps", rather smooth movements, spontaneous unimpassioned, effortless moves, giving confidence and pride of their accomplished art. Marlow is serious about his students learning correct rhythm, perfect timing, and most of all "How the man can lead and the lady follows to make dancing look easy and fun" 

Marlow puts his students at ease with "Marlow's Lesson Plans" , and recorded lessons CDs for a life time of fun, remembering everything you have learned. Students learn ballroom dancing, and everything from Fox Trot, and Swing dancing to the Latin flavor of Salsa. 

Howard Marlow dances for fun private dance lessons.